A bit of information about the prints.

Vegetable Ink and Recycled Paper

Vegetable based inks will hopefully be adopted as the norm for all paper printing in the future. Vegetable inks are made from such renewable resources as corn and linseed, not from oil. There is no toxic waste produced from the printing process or the clean up process, unlike oil based inks.

Using 100% recycled paper, means no trees were cut down to create this print.

Limited Edition

The prints have a short print run. Editions are noted on the product description.

Not Archival.

The environmental advantages of having no fixative, using recycled paper stock and vegetable ink as materials, create prints that may be more susceptible to sun damage and natural deterioration over time.

Shipping & Return

Shipping Returns and Refunds.

There are no shipping returns or refunds available. Please be sure of your purchase.

Shipping zones.

Currently ships to many countries worldwide. Please use the contact form for further questions regarding shipping.

Shipping Costs

Flat rates of $10.00 AU, for Domestic Shipping within Australia and a flat rate of $30 AU, for International Shipping. Shipping is standard shipping, including tracking the purchase and signature upon arrival. International taxes, depending on the buyers location are the responsibility of the buyer and are not covered by the seller.

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